Course content

  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Airlaw
  • Operations Procedures
  • General Navigation with Radio Aids
  • Principle of Flight
  • Flight Planning and Monitoring
  • Human Performance Limitations

  • CPL Flight Training - 120 hours

Duration is 19 months


  • The applicant must have 5 credits in science subjects at O'level & must have passed english with atleast a credit.

  • The Applicant must have obtained at least two principal passes at “A” level, one of which should have been in either Mathematics or Physics or equivalent.

  • A relevant University degree from any internationally recognized institution would be an added advantage.


  • The Applicant must pass medical tests done by a qualified medical personel.

Age limit

  • The applicant must be aged above 18 years.

Aptitude tests

  • The Applicant must pass an aptitude test prepared by the Academy with at least 70% pass mark.

Local students.

  • 9,000USD.

International students.

  • 18,000USD.