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Capt. Sentabile Chris M
Chief Flying Instructor


Published: Friday, March 02, 2018

This course is designed specifically for those students who wish to conduct all their training from Flight Operations to frozen ATPL in smooth succession.

Within less than 12 months you get CPL - Commercial pilot license, ME - Multi engine rating, IR - Instrument rating, ATPL - Airline transport pilot license (theoretical course) with minimum of 200 flight hours and 25 simulator hours.

NB: You will met all requirements to apply for airline job as a co-pilot. Course description

The modules in the Flying Academy course are:
(a). Private Pilots License (PPL)
(b). Night Qualification
(c). ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Instruction
(d). Hour Building
(e). Instrument Rating (IR)
(f). Commercial Pilots License (CPL)
(g). Multi Engine Land Class Rating (MEPL)

We know that it is hard for someone who is new to understand how everything works and what to do and in which sequence, thats why our Students Advisors will offer trainee counseling throughout the training.

Today, more than ever, the airline industry needs highly trained and skilled professionals for the growing industry, to safely take to destination over 5.5 billion passengers annually. Being a professional pilot comes also with a lot of responsibility, complex decision making and the ability to understand and cope with abnormal situations. Soroti Flying School is highly specialized in offering training from Flight Operations to ATPL. The trainees of the program will start with PPL and, upon obtaining the necessary flight experience, will continue with IR, CPL modules or ME (multi-engine aircraft) flight programs.