ICAO's TRAINAIR PLUS Program promotes training collaboration for the purpose of providing safe, secure, and sustainable development of global air transport.


Launched in 2010, the TRAINAIR PLUS Program benefits from more than 25 years of experience and expertise from its predecessor program, the TRAINAIR Program, in the fields of training development and sharing, capacity building, as well as instructional delivery;

  • Provides valuable ICAO support to its Member States and the aviation industry through the implementation of high-quality standards in civil aviation training and capacity-building; and
  • Assists in implementing sustainable human resources development strategies, consistent with ICAO Assembly Resolution A38-12, Appendix D, Qualified and Competent Aviation Personnel.
What is TrainAir Plus

TRAINAIR PLUS is a cooperative network of training organizations and industry partners working together to develop and deliver ICAO-harmonized training packages. These packages include:

  • STP – Standardized Training Package
  • ITP – ICAO Training Package
  • CTP – Compliant Training Package
  • PTP – Partner Training Package
Why TrainAir Plus

The mission of the TRAINAIR PLUS Program is to:

  • Improve safety and efficiency of air transport; and
  • Establish,maintain, and monitor high standards of training and competency of aviation personnel on a worldwide basis and in a cost-effective manner.