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Capt. Sebbanakitta Abubaker
Flying Instructor


Published: Friday, March 02, 2018

The Flight Instructor license allows individuals to provide training to pilots. Many pilots wishing to enter professional aviation positions become Flight Instructors in order to build the necessary experience.


The privileges of the holder of a FI rating are to conduct flight instruction for the issue of the PPL class and type ratings for single-engine aeroplanes. Until the holder of a FI rating has completed at least 100 hours flight instruction and, in addition, has supervised at least 25 student solo flights, the privileges of the rating are restricted. The restrictions will be removed from the rating when the above requirements have been met and on the recommendation of the supervising FI.

Night qualification

The qualification allows you to flight at night in VMC - this opens up whole new world of flying. Flying at night is very different to daylight flying and many find it more enjoyable. The privileges of a holder of a night qualification is to fly at night in visual meteorological conditions (VMC).

Course entry requirements Flight Instructor Course: A valid CAA issued or validated CPL/IR license or ATPL license.

Course description
The night qualification is a minimum of 5 hours. 3 of which must be dual with a 1 hour night navigation exercise. The solo time must include 5 full stop landings.