East African Civil Aviation Academy - EACAA (Soroti) EACAA


Eng. Mboowa John Musisi D.N
Principle Engineering Instructor


Published: Friday, March 02, 2018

Engineering School trains students to obtain knowledge and appreciate the aircraft design, controls and operations. As the student finishes the course, the training will be sufficient enough to enable the student understand the requirements of the job of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

It is also the objective of this course to prepare the student who successfully completes this course for the CAA LWTR examinations in Categories "A" Aeroplanes, "C" Piston Engines and "C" Gas Turbine Engines as the very minimum. Students opting to cover the Cessna 172 aircraft and/or Lycoming Engine series Type Ratings will have sufficient experience to be booked for CAA TR exams.

Our students are trained to have ability to:-
1. Safely use the tools, materials and test equipment needed to maintain or repair aircraft, power-plants or associated ground equipment.
2. Understand the principles of operation of aircraft, power-plants and associated ground equipment and to use their theoretical and practical knowledge of basic systems, methods and components to maintain, or repair the relevant airframes or power-plants.
3. Recognize and have a general knowledge of the major parts of an aircraft and or power-plant and its controls.
4.. Use technical bulletins, manuals and associated documentation, when planning and carrying out tests, inspection, maintenance and repairs to aircraft, power-plants, ground equipment and associated systems and sub-systems.
5. Organize the work with due regard to safety, economy and efficient work sequence.
6. Carry out the job according to specifications, stated job procedures the appropriate Civil Aviation Authoritys requirements.
7. Understand fault diagnosis and problem solving techniques pertaining to the specific airframe or power-plant.

This course is based on the objectives of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in respect of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers - Airframe and Power-plant, and takes into consideration the requirements of the Ugandan Civil Aviation Authority.